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The Advantages of Cad/Cam Dentistry

Strength, Aesthetics, Predictable Fit
Cad/Cam Precision Fit Every Time   Selectable Cement Spacer   Contact Points   Correct Occlusion
Cad/Cam Precision Fit Every Time   Selectable Cement Spacer   Contact Points   Correct Occlusion

To ensure a precision fit, the correct margins are selected under magnification using the design software. The process works with all types of margin preparation, whether it is shoulder, chamfer or knife edge. There is no need to change the way you prefer to work.

100% Biocompatible, healthy tissues.

No more short or black margins . . .


Cement space can be set to your personal preference, close, medium or easy fit. The space is reduced at the margin to ensure a tight seal. Undercuts are automatically blocked out by the software and an optimised path of insertion is calculated to ensure an easy fitting procedure. Ultra Trans crowns are compatible with all types of cement and can be prepared for bonding if required.

No more tight fitting crowns . . .


Contact points can be designed as a natural point or can be extended slightly to form a broader area of contact to avoid food packing, as demonstrated in this picture. All of our finished work is checked and final adjustments made on a solid duplicate model. This ensures the accuracy of the contact points and makes the crown easy and predictable to fit. It also verifies that the model is an accurate representation of the impression.

No more deficient contact points . . .


Occlusal design can be created to suit your personal preferences. The function of the occlusal surface is designed using a virtual articulator in the design software. Adjustable parameters enable the crown to be constructed in perfect occlusion or with some occlussal clearance. The crown in the picture has an occlusal clearance of 0.3mm, this can be increased or decreased as required.

Predictable easy fit, no more grinding bites . . .

UltraTrans Monolithic Translucent Zirconia
UltraTrans Crown £85.00 - lifetime guarantee
Multi Colour Graduated Solid Translucent Zirconia Crown   UltraTrans Crown   UltraTrans Crown

Up to five separate colours are sintered deep into the crown to create natural looking neck, body, incisal and fissures. The crown is then finished with surface stain/glaze to create an aesthetic and more viable alternative to gold, porcelain bonded to precious metal or Emax. Suitable for posterior restorations.

Available in all shades, please see the enclosed model with crowns made in sample shades of A1, A2, A3, A3.5    
An alternative to metal based restorations    
  • More than double the strength of any PFM crown
  • Virtually indestructable, no porcelain to chip or fracture
  • Cad/Cam precision fit, no black margins
  • 100% biocompatible
  • Can be used with any cement
  • Easy to adjust, no possibility of exposing metal
  • Superior aesthetics in thin sections
An alternative to Emax        
  • More than triple the strength of any Emax crown
  • Does not require a technique sensitive prep design
  • Does not need to be bonded, but can be if required
  • Soft to adjust
  • Will mask underlying discolouration including amalgam
“I have been working as a dentist for nearly 20 years and have found the quality of the ceramic crowns and veneers constructed by Dave Jowett to be far superior to any previous technicians I have worked with. It has given me a huge amount of confidence and pleasure to provide my patients with cosmetic dentistry options that can make a real difference in their lives.”
Julie Rafferty, Queens Cross Dental Practice
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